Zenith Series van build

The Zenith Series represents thousands of hours in the shop and on the road getting real-life feedback on our vans. Working in collaboartion with SAGA, we've curated a premium van upfit that is highly functional, durable and efficient. Combined with our expert craftsmanship and an uncrompromising attention to detail, the Zenith Series is the high point of camper van upfitting.


  • 48v Power System
  • 144" & 170" Interior Systems
  • Creature Comforts
  • Cabinetry & Custom Furniture

What makes up a Zenith series Van?

The Saga 48v Power System


The single biggest game changer in the market today is the SAGA 48V Power Module. 48V has huge benefits for power intense van builds by increasing system capacity with greater efficiency across all systems while creating ultra fast recharge rates. Battery The SAGA Wiring Harness is built to military specifications and the entire system is monitored and controlled by Victron Remote Monitoring (VRM). Through Victron's user-friendly interface, you'll be able to monitor power usage to help optimize your experience.


Power For days

The Dyness LiFePO4 batteries provide 2.4KWh per module, with a total capacity of 9.6KWh. This system is designed to deliver consistent power, no matter the time of year or weather. Each battery has its own internal Battery Management System (BMS) and communicates through CAN-BUS to control all charging profiles, enabling a safer and faster recharge.


Laser cut interior paneling

Engineered to include precise fitting panels and transition cowl pieces, the SAGA Interior is warm,. durable and elegant. Custom cowlings blend difficult transitions over the slider door and rear transom.

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