Journey is a full-custom build for a young family of 4 that features the Travois floor system and fold-flat bench seat that sleeps 2x littles.

No space was left unused in this build that has a full galley capable of AC appliances and induction cookery.

Van Detail

2021 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 2500 144" - 4x4


Seats 4; Sleeps 4


  • REDARC RedVision Total Vehicle Management System
  • Fold-Flat seating with Safety Rated Seating
  • Full Custom Furniture and Cabinetry

Interior Features of Journey

  • LizardSkin Sound Control & Ceramic Insulation Throughout Entire Van Interior
  • 3M Thinsulate Insulation in Van Cavities
  • Upholstered Marine-Grade Plywood Wall Panels
  • Upholstered Cab Headliner
  • Custom Upholstered Rear Transom & Door Panels
  • FlareSpace Flares - Extended DS Flare/Standard PS Flare with CRL 10"x33" Bunk Windows
  • Arctic Tern 450mm x 500mm Window - Driver's Side
  • Bamboo Ceiling Panels with Front and Rear Dimmable Zones
  • Insulated Window Coverings
  • Travois Floor with 2-Person Folding Benchseat
  • Custom, 3-Piece 4" Memory Foam Mattress with Custom Sheet Set & Pillow Cases
  • ABS Laminated Baltic Birch Interior with Black Walnut Counters
  • LED Runway Lighting

It’s easy to go down the rabbit hole of vanlife and come away with ideas of how to make your rooftop yoga studio and faux finished cabinets.

At the foundation of every great van build is a robust insulation process and it’s one of the very first things we focus on when starting the build process.

A van interior may look great on a screen, but when you peel back the layers, you’ll find that not all vans are created equally.