With nearly 30 years experience in the automotive aftermarket, White River Overland has leveraged our experience into van upfitting since 2017. We've always maintained our humble roots and uncompromising commitment to quality by employing dedicated professionals and providing them with the work environment and materials they need to deliver the goods, no matter the size or scale of the project.

Solar power and Electrical

We have broad experience architecting and right-sizing 12V and 48V power systems utilizing AGM and Lithium battery banks to power lighting, refrigeration and ventilation. We'll incorporate Solar Power, DC to DC charging and shore power to provide you a reliable future-proof power system.

Solar Power systems

Solar charging, regulated by a charge controller, can be incorporated in a few different ways. For new van construction, solar can be installed efficiently on the roof in conjunction with a roof rack, lighting, or an awning.

The size and layout of the array will depend on the size of the van, size of the battery bank, and co-existing with other roof components. Typical systems will range from 225W - 360W or higher.


Battery Banks

Depending on your power needs, we'll suggest an appropriately sized battery bank for your project.

We have experience with AGM and Lithium Battery banks from 12V to 48V systems. We build battery systems that are not only dependable and reliable, but accessible and serviceable.


DC TO DC Charging

DC to DC Charging is an important charging profile for any battery bank as it utilizes excess power from the alternator being provided to the chassis battery and utilizes that power to charge the auxiliary, or house battery bank.

Smart charging recoginzes AGM or Lithium battery banks and regulates power based on specific parameters, including state of charge and type of battery.


Adding an external power source can be advantageous if you find yourself in RV parks with 30Amp plug ins, or storing the van under a carport at your home.

This enables us to connect either 30Amp service from a campground, or standard 120V residential power to your van to power your AC (alternating current) appliances including your AC (Air conditioning) Microwave oven, or induction cooktop.

It’s easy to go down the rabbit hole of vanlife and come away with ideas of how to make your rooftop yoga studio and faux finished cabinets.

At the foundation of every great van build is a robust insulation process and it’s one of the very first things we focus on when starting the build process.

A van interior may look great on a screen, but when you peel back the layers, you’ll find that not all vans are created equally.