We’ll work with you to design a vehicle capable of getting out there and staying out.


B.L.U.E. Van

B.L.U.E. An open floor plan built on an Adventure Wagon platform make B.L.U.E. a perfect wanderer for week-long trips.  Flexible storage and rugged construction define her load capacity while 4-season capability and robust galley bring the comforts of van life. Adventure Wagon [...]



ENDURANCE With adventure around every corner, reliability, versatility and uncompromising attention to detail are the core of Endurance.  Able to safely carry 4 passengers, the bench seat can lie flat or lounge. Baltic birch construction, 200Ah LifePO4 power, cabin heat & hot [...]


Overland UTE 1654

Overland UTE 1654 Rare find. The WRO Overland UTE 1654 is built on a Base Camp template and comes customized with every accessory needed for a turn key expedition. Extremely hard to come by James Baroud roof top tent with tunnel along [...]


WRO Custom

WRO CUSTOM Built with the intention of being able to seat 4 and sleep 4, WRO can be deployed as a daily driver or fully-capable camper featuring Webasto cabin heat & hot water, Lithium power profile and thoughtful storage.  Rear Captain’s Chairs [...]



Genesis Every WRO build seeks to give each customer the ability to visualize and realize the optimal vehicle for any off-grid desire. We work tirelessly on all of our builds to embody the workmanship, customization and perfect utilization that WRO customers come to expect. Whether it be [...]