Camp Cooking: Salmon Mac & Cheese with Fire Bread

Everyone grows a little tired of the dreaded mac and cheese. Especially parent. Here is a few ways to sneak a little bit of nutrition for the whole crew while out in the bush. This is as easy as it gets. No quantity quoted, base it on how many you are feeding.


  • Mac and Cheese. 
    • (The Hormel or Bob Evans in the refrigerated case). Easier to cook and clean. No worries about not having a microwave.
  • Salmon (However much salmon you want)
  • Chia seeds (Sneak them in for a little extra nutrition)


Wrap salmon with a little oil or butter along with favorite spice mix (garlic salt, pepper, etc) into tightly wrapped foil (heavy duty preferred). Could also grill. Depending on heat of coals, cook anywhere from 8-12 minutes. You want it a little undercooked. Put Mac and Cheese in bowl and being to warm. Add chia seeds. When salmon is complete, chop or shred into Mac and Cheese. Enjoy

Fire Bread:

Grab a pack of Pilsbury (or similar) break sticks, croissants or biscuits. Wrap the dough around a stick and roast over the fire. Better yet, lay it flat in your campfire grill basket. Keep an eye on it as it will become golden brown in a hurry.