Next level RTT: James Baroud Tent Review

You get what you pay for. 

There are plenty of things that you shouldn’t chince on. Tattoos, trash bags, lawyers, sushi … but when it comes to the true survival essentials: shelter, water, fire, food it’s no laughing matter. In the journey to seek out the perfect overland kit a few missteps are bound to happen as a result of being a tad frugal. 

Whether it be stuck or broken zippers, a loose bolt here and there, leaks during a soaking squall, or during everyone’s nemesis, a 40-50mph sandblasting in the desert eventually you realize how good great products can be and just how bad the cheap ones are. It only takes one failure at the wrong time to realize one should have just sprung for the better gear. 

Likewise, when something performs as it should, when it should just feels right. 

Enter Baroud, James Baroud.

Made in Portugal. Tested by former Dakar Rally drivers. Designed to perform from Siberia to the Outback. James Baroud tents aren’t cheap. But that’s just it. Nothing about this product is cheap. Before scoffing at the price, realize this will likely be the last tent you ever buy. Put a little math into it. How much per night for an excellent night’s sleep? Twenty bucks? How many nights per year out in the wilderness and for how many years? The numbers quickly add up to making an educated purchase on a premium RTT.

Everything from the zippers to the proprietary fabrics add to the utmost quality in the craftsmanship of these tents. The outer shell has aerodynamic ribs to decrease wind noise and improve fuel economy. When compared to other large softshell tents the difference is night and day. At around 100 lbs and the sleek low profile design, gone are the days of a top-heavy billboard mounted 6” above the roof deck. One Jeep user actually noticed an IMPROVEMENT in their fuel economy. 

Mick Fanning Roadtrip with a James Baroud from James Baroud on Vimeo.

Comfy where it counts. 

First impressions mean everything. Aside from the build quality the first tactile impression comes when it’s time to hop in. All of the Baroud tents are exceptionally easy to set up. Unhook two simple latches, out with the included collapsible ladder and up with patented gas strut-assisted opening system it’s 30 seconds to the horizontal position. Ample room allows for sleeping bags, pillows, etc to be stored in the shell. Couldn’t be easier. 

Solar-powered vents and dust filters help to keep the 100% waterproof (NOT RESISTANT), breathable, UV-resistant and solar reflective cabin cool, clean and comfortable. The 3” high-density foam mattress is far more comfortable that other RTT and easy to remove for cleaning. Lots of intuitive storage, great visibility, and rechargeable LED’s make this feel downright glamorous. If winter camping is in the cards an isothermic insulation kit is available for extreme cold. 

Perfection in simplicity is hard to come by.

WRO is one of only 5 James Baroud distributors in the country. Orders fill up fast with most product spoken for before they are unloaded from the containers. Contact us to place your order in time for your next trip. We can drop ship them directly to your door!